Here's to the red, white and blue!

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The Patriot Candy Bouquet (Non-Melting)
Price: $42.95
Availability: In Stock
CB Item #: CB2013Sum02 -

    This is the awesome way to share all your candy favorites this 4th of July with the ones you love. This bouquet features a full size Oreo Cookies, Peanuts, Skittles, Air Heads, Fruit Slices, and many more.

    Whirly Lollipop Bouquet
    Price: $44.95
    Availability: Yes
    Lolli Item #: DAP2018-9410 -

      Send this cool lollipop bouquet to anyone for any reason! This colorful bouquet has the old fashion swirl lollipops along with handmade stars, balloons, and ball lollipops.This will add excitement to anybody’s day!!